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OT: My latest RC airplane


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Just finished this plane up last night.


Constructed of 6mm thick Depron foam and sanded to form. The nose cone and cockpit area are made from laminated 2" thick blocks of pink housing foam insulation. The rest of the aircraft is made from Depron. The swing wings are functional and activated by a servo and control that permits adjustment to any position in flight.



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Here are a couple other jet foamies I have


Mig 15 (good for about 80-85 mph)


Here is a video of the Mig (Sorry I don't bring it down closer to the ground but it's the maiden flight and my buttocks were clenched rather tightly when I saw how rediculously fast the thing was)





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A-10 Warthog. 800 Watts of power but the draggy airframe restricts it's top speed to the 55-60 mph range.


Here is a video of Mark II of this plane (The picture below is Mark III for obvious reasons)




Here is a video of the plane pictured below flying. First vid is external from the ground 2nd vid is the same flight but from a camera mounted to the belly of the A-10. It was EXTREMELY windy that day but I wanted to test out the new micro camera.






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