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Heli jobs in California (general)


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Well, you could find a CFI job most likely around Los Angeles and San Diego. As you know there a plenty of schools around So Cal. After you get to 1,000 PIC it will be harder to find something in So. Cal. You may be able to get on with some of the operators who do charters but it's been my expierance that they want prior turbine time and more than 1,000PIC.


I was lucky to find a job flying off shore to Catalina Island, charters and to oil platforms. Why did I leave? Cost of living vs. my salary was horrible. I went broke so I left and now I am making more elsewhere and the cost of living is a lot cheaper. I think the operators in California need to look at what they pay. There would have been no way I could afford a house much less take a small vacation.


Unless you know someone who works already in So. Cal and can help you, you may have to look else where(Gulf/Grand Canyon) then apply later and move back.


Honestly, the only way I would go back to California is if I were to fly with Airmethods(EMS) they provide base salary but then add on to it cost of living based on where you live. Now, that makes sense.

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ThanX JD. I did not think about the cost of living in here vs. the salaries pilot earn. I am going to have a big cut back on my salary (Toy industry) when I start to work full time as a pilot. From what I read, things are getting better.




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