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RED Camera hits the skys in an R-44

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Not sure if many know about this new camera... The RED Camera. The latest and greatest out there. It shoots about 6 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. In other words... It shoots the equivalent if IMAX (in digital). It's pretty amazing.. Well, I got to be the first to take RED up in a helicopter on the west coast (and I think the USA).. Very nice camera... We plan on doing gyro test with it as well as soon as we work out all of it's quarks...





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Sounds great. When is some video going to be uploaded? Is the camera image stabilized like the canons?

Not for this test.. I'll stabilize it in post. The camera shoots 4k, which gives me plenty of room for overscan correction for stabilizing without any loss of quality down to 2k (or better than HD 1080p).... As soon as the files are ready, I will post video from the camera...

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