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R44 Raven 2 Emergency AD


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How many people have run into an aircraft with a loose servo plug? I'm hearing of quite a few. My own included - down waiting for parts to properly repair.




I have been out of town and unable to visit the shop doing the ad repair for me, where is this issue actually and is it something we as pilots can manually inspect for as part of our preflight? I was planning to fly my ac 12 hours this coming week on a round trip a few states over. Pretty scary stuff.

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Several thoughts come to mind:

  • Verify the work has been done and properly signed off.
  • Have the shop show you how to inspect for the loose servo when you pick it up.
  • Take every opportunity to visually check it on you're upcoming trip.
  • Always expect the unexpected.


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Who pays for this type of repair..?


Tom- the aircraft owner obviously. However most ships are leased per hour. In most of those agreements the leasee (flight school) pays the labor as they are required to do all the maintenance. The owner of the aircraft pays for the parts for any AD's. In this case the parts are not a big dollar item, as most AD's are. However a couple years ago we had to replace all main rotor blades...that was a big $ item !

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I had this done when the AD came out. When they check it, have them put a stripe on it at 09:00. You will be able to see it through lower cowl door right side. Then you will be able to do a visual check as part of your preflight.


Mine was fine, but a mx buddy of mine found one loose and the threads damaged. He had to send it to a machine shop to have it fixed.

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