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My name is Sgt(P) Williams I am currently in Balad Iraq I want to fly more than life itself. I am having the hardest time completing my resume. I have looked at the example on the warrant officer recruiting page but im still lost, I want my resume to be perfect and im stressin. I dont know how to word anything, If there is anyone on this site that has recently been accepted or was accepted or any warrants that still have copies of there resumes it would be greatly appreciated if you could pm me or email me or evev call me i would like to finish my packet asap i want this more than anything. thank you for everything


DSN 318 483-2752



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If you do some searching around in this forum ( General Military Helicopter Discussions) you will find that many of the questions that you have or have and don't know you have are answered somewhere in there. Just keep reading through it all, there are alot of good subjects, many times answered by a Warrant Officer. Also, since you are in Iraq, approach a Warrant Officer and just ask for help. If he/she won't sit down with you, they may know someone who will. And if you have any specific questions, post them here, general questions typically won't be answered.



Best of luck to you,



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