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Tri-Star Helicopters aka PCH at Torrance

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Went to Torrance today to get my aviation fix! Peaked into the window of Tri-Star Helicopters formerly PCH, not too much has changed, a few things but nothing to write home about...until....there was note on the front door:


Tri-Star Helicopters has been grounded for(wait for it) maintence(yep, they spelled it that way), and to helicopter availability. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


The Management

Tri-Star Helicotpers


NICE...glad I decided NOT to go back! Not sure how busy they've been lately, and who's flying there as well. Anyone flying with them? Tough business to be in, especially if you have to close the doors, then reopen them under a different name. Not sure if I would have reopened in the same building, same airport, same helicopters, etc., you tend to ruffle former students feathers when you do that, don't you think?


Former student/rentalee



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Hey Rob- I almost went up yesterday as well...but the low rpm light/horn wasn't working on the 44, and I just didnt feel like flying a 22 into the mountains with the weather we were having.


I have an answer for your "lack of flying" pit in your stomach. Go North on the the 405 about 20 miles, exit Sherman Way !!


And yes, I believe that helicopter schools are always on the brink of financial disaster. Many don't make it, unless you play some of the SSH games. It's probably one of the least profitable things to do, as opposed to some good contract work.


In the South Bay, I still think LAH has a pretty solid operation with an excellent in house mechanic.


See ya in the air, (or at a favorite airport restaurant if you're lucky!)



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