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Overspeeding R22 MR

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So, I haven't been able to be up flying for 3 weeks because a number of things. So I had a flight for a long cross country planned for this saturday. Hour before my flight, and i'm heading out to do the commute to my flight school. Packed up, in the car, ready to go, and it's a pretty day. Get a call from my instructor and he says there's a problem. His student went on his PPL XC flight, and in straight and level flight, oversped the R22's Main Rotor. He death gripped the throttle. My instructor said it seems it'll be about 30-40k worth of damage.


Have to give it to the student for reporting it, and owning up to his mistake. However, I'd like to know how common it is for students to death grip the throttle? And if you DO death grip the throttle on a governored machine, how does one get over it?


Take care!

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Gosh, I have the exact opposite problem. I barely grip the throttle....more of a "caress"... LOL.....stupid correllator likes to take over and bring back my RPMs.....which, while doing 180's is not so helpful.


I got hammered today for not gripping the throttle firmly enough to hold back the correlator, and made DARN sure on my next few 180's that I over-rode it.



The only OS I had (other than an open throttle plate on engine start-up...not my fault-mechanical issue), was a flare on auto in a crosswind, and wound it up to 106-7%, we went back immediately, reported it, maint. checked it out, and I flew it the next morning.


When I have had a more firm grip on the throttle I can really feel the gov trying to move...so it's never been an issue....let it do it's job!!!


Was this student with an instructor or solo?


When I'm in straight and level flight I mostly SUPPORT the collective, I have a nice relaxed hand position (depending on the ship...we have one that REALLY wants to drop, so I have to hold it up the entire flight...or use the friction....and we have one that really likes to RAISE collective on me, so you have to hold it in position).

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and we have one that really likes to RAISE collective on me, so you have to hold it in position).


Tattoed- thats the one to be careful of....it should get re-adjusted so it doesnt want to raise. That could cause a low rpm condition which is no bueno in an R22.


Jess- I went over to Malibu last night at sunset..wow, what an awesome flight. I spent 1.4 in the 44 just flying all around L.A. BTW- that student should get a couple more checkrides before he goes up again...he's lucky it was an overspeed and not a low rpm turning into blade stall.


Oh well, thats what new spindle bearings are for.



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I came very close to an over speed twice. Once was on my private pilot checkride, after the throttle chop and during the decent, the dpe says, watch your rpms, I look down and the needle is like a hair width below the red line. The other time was a few flights ago during a steep bank instrument turn I noticed the airspeed climbing quickly so I pulled back. Luckly my instructor was there to control the situation I had no idea.

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It was a student, private solo cross country. First one I believe. I talked to my instructor while he was driving the student back the flight school with the student in the car with him. Boy, I bet you could touch the tension with a knife in that car. However, I know how my instructor does things and he wouldn't attack the student, but he'd make sure it didn't happen again. Ever.


Goldy, I am SO jealous! It was a beautiful day. I was looking forward SO much to going flying ><. Ohh well. I have a night flight on tuesday, and I get to use my lighted knee board I got for christmas, so that'll be fun! And I'm sure the student will have to do a few checks before going up again.

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