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ATP requirements?

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I just joined today, please forgive me if I inadvetantly didn't follow proper etiquette. I meet all ATP requrements for my fixed wing, but should I get it ? In other words, does a fixed wing ATP help at all to get my rotary wing ATP? I have commercial/CFI helo now.

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It probably won't help with getting a rotorcraft ATP, but it could help a lot in getting a job. All it should cost is the price of the written, which is nominal, and the cost for the checkride. I think having both a fixed-wing and rotorcraft ATP would be a big help in the hiring process, and you'll almost always make more money flying airplanes than helicopters, whatever certificate you have. If you can afford it, do it.

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If your goal is a career in aviation you should get both ATP's. If you get the FW ATP and then want to add-on the RW ATP you will have to take another knowledge exam. If a DPE sees that you already have one ATP he will most likely alter his plan of action for a second ATP. You probably already know this but aviation is a very cyclical industry and your having the ability to change from FW to RW can only be a plus down the road. Right now entry-level wages for FW are very low - but that will change at some point in the future.

With regards to finding a job which requires BOTH ratings...... those jobs are very, very hard to come by. The pay is at the top of the range but you almost always have to know someone on the inside.

And besides - what company is going to let a base jumper fly their 3 million dollar helicopter?????

(Just kidding!!!)

Kevin 38 year USPA member

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