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My fixed wing CFI, CFII, MEI expired. When I do a CFI for rotorcraft will it renew/reinstate my fixed wing certificate? If not would it make sense to reinstate my fixed wing CFI so it would just be an add-on? Thanks!


I was in the same position the year before last. I did my Helicopter CFI and it reissued my other CFI's. The FSDO did has some issues doing that, but they came around. I believe there is a policy letter out there about this situation.

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I had a discussion about this with one of my CFI's a while ago. The regs say you can renew your CFI by taking a checkride for an additional rating. However, if you let your CFI expire, you need to renew it first, then add the additional. Otherwise you are simply re-issued a new CFI license with only the new rating. I don't recall finding the exact wording about this, so I think it's one of those things that is up to the FSDO. Like Rick states, they may come around to re-issue the others, but that could just be his FSDO. Certainly worth checking out.

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Hey Fred,

I accidentally let mine lapse at the end of last month! You basically have two options:

1). Take another practical exam for helicopter CFI.

2). Add a CFI certification to another rating (ASEL, GLI, etc).


You DO NOT have to retake the knowledge exams.




§61.199 Reinstatement requirements of an expired flight instructor certificate.

(a) Flight instructor certificates. The holder of an expired flight instructor certificate who has not complied with the flight instructor renewal requirements of §61.197 may reinstate that flight instructor certificate and ratings by filing a completed and signed application with the FAA and satisfactorily completing one of the following reinstatement requirements:

(1) A flight instructor certification practical test, as prescribed by §61.183(h), for one of the ratings held on the expired flight instructor certificate.

(2) A flight instructor certification practical test for an additional rating.

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Anyone have experience getting your CFI/CFII reinstated?



I mentored someone thru this exact process, reinstatement of RH CFI, CFII in June.


Look at the PTS for reinstatement tasks and be prepared. Not every original task is tested, only the ones in the table for reinstatement.



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