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What is this?

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In many jobs adds they ask for a CV, what is that or does that stand for exactly?

I'm guessing it is a resume, but what does a CV stand for and why do mostly other countries say that rather than a resume? It leads me to believe they are not the same, but what do I know, I've never had to make a resume before.


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A CV is goes more in depth into your education and accomplishments than a resume. In a CV you'll put your interests and hobbies down along with other stuff that might give a broader picture of your personality and motivations.


Back home in Ireland we talk about CVs all the time and don't really do resumes at all. As a potential employee looking for a job I prefer the resmue better as it's a lot quicker to put together. But, as an employer(like I used to be in the old days) the CV gives me a better insight into what someone is going to be like even before the interview, which allows me to narrow the field of canditates to a more managable number, thus saving time.


Type in "resume" or CV into wikipedia.com and it gives a pretty good comparison between the two.

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