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Simulator controls......

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I've been looking around for a new computer and controls for a helicopter simulator. I think picking the computer won't be all that hard. I'm mostly aiming to make it good for a simulator; so that when I test for my IFR training, I'll be a bit more up to speed. So here's my questions to you guys.


1) Is there a particular simulator you'd reccomend for IFR helicopter training....r22 or r44 like?


2) What controls would you reccomend buying? I would like them to be somewhat realistic. I'm having a difficult time finding something like a collective, but for a reasonable price.




^^^The petals sound good, but any reccomendations or pointers are welcome. What do you have? Names/Links welcome.


PS I'm a newbie at this whole gaming/simulating thing. I'm wondering if a helicopter simulator is worth it's money or too unrealistic....


Anyways...please let me know what you think.

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I ended up purchasing a sit down chair with a collective and cyclic (and throttle) from simulation devices that provides a realistic experience. I found the big problem with the simulators is that they just don't feel quite right, especially the R22. The R22 is quite responsive, and I found that after a lot of tweaking and making to make it fly better, it ended up flying more like an R44 than R22. I'm only VFR rated, but I found that the simulator really only helped me on things outside of direct flying, so my radio calls and navigation. The flying part of it helped me learn some cockpit management, but other than that, I never got it to feel quite right. I have included a link to a post on forum with someone's R22 settings that I used as a baseline to get the R22 dialed in on FSX, as well as the company I got my helicopter controls from. I also haven't tried X-Plane, I've heard its more realistic, but there's less support, so unless you can find some helicopters that are pre-done for it, or are very comfortable spending a lot of time getting an aircraft dialed in, I don't know if I would recommend it.


*Link to post on R22 settings*;f=1;t=14793

*Where I got my helicopter controls*


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You know, my experience is that plain ole flight sim x with a stick works well. I generally just use the cessna 172. Or the Maule. They're both slow enough to do a cat A ILS just like a -22 or a -44 or what have you.


By the time you're into instrument, you shouldn't be worried about the actual manipulation of the controls so much as the theory and execution of holds, approaches, radio navigation, etc. The fine touch you need to properly shoot an approach will come with practice.

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Simulators are good for several things.


1: Good way to learn mussel memory. That is motion of the controls for various things like autorotation entries and quick stops.


2: Cockpit flow patterns. That is getting used to checklist procedures so you are not wasting time and $ on the ground getting used to that.


3: Most of all the biggest advantage is in your IFR training. It's a great way to practice IFR holds, approaches and even just basic scanning of the 6 pack. One big thing, use the Garmin GPS as well. Get to know it inside and out. But also know what you would do should it fail. Why spend $300/hr learning how to program a GPS approach when you can do it in the sim?


The simulators are not all that great in replicating the handling qualities of the aircraft. It's not really meant to teach someone how to fly but rather the procedures and mussel memory. You need a wider field of vison when learning things like how to hover and the like.


Is it worth it? I think so. If I had the money I would have one.

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