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Interesting Bug with Garmin 696


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Hey Everyone -


Thought I would throw this one out there for anyone that may end up with the same problem that I had with my new Garmin 696.


I have a Garmin GTX 330 mode S transponder and out of that I feed TIS data to my Garmin 430, Garmin 496 and Garmin 696. On my 430 and 496 it works fantastic.


Once I connected my 696 to my 330 TIS output I noticed that I could not power up my 696. Normally when I hit the avionics master switch on my R44, everything power up, including all the GPS units.


If I power down the 330, the 696 power up right away, or if I power up my 696 manually before hitting the avionics master everything works just fine.


A call to Garmin reveled a "programming bug" (their words, not mine) with the 696. If the 696 detects TIS on its data line, it will fail to power up. They are working on a fix for this.


My way around it is to hit the avionics master, hit the off button on the 330 and then turn it right back on. As son as you hit the off button on the 330 the 696 lights right up and away you go!

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Geez Richard, I'm happy that I have ONE GPS in the helo !!





Goldy -


Too funny! I actually have four GPS units onboard 42G. Garmin 430, 496 and 696 and one built into my Icom 2820 Ham Radio!!


What can I say - I love the technology !!



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Sounds like a GPS gang bang






hahah..too funny...however.....


I did have to turn the terrain alerts off on the 496 and the 696. For some reason Garmin things that all GPS devices are installed in airplanes and not helicopters. It can get annoying pretty quick...not as bad as that video though..



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