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Alabama anyone?

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Enterprise Helicopters was going to be my first suggestion. Website. I've had a couple people tell me that John Prox is a very experienced and great instructor.


Also, in Hanceville you have Wallace State Community College. Website.

That is just a one ship operation, but again they were very friendly and helpful when I talked to them.


That's all I know of... unless you count Ft. Rucker as a flight school.

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I currently attend Wallace State Community College in Vinemont, AL and received my CPL with them. They have one ship, which is a Hughes 269-C, but getting flight time is no problem and the rate is $250 an hour wet with instructor.The instructor Jimmy has nearly 5,000 hours and is a great CFI. The only other helicopter trainer besides Enterprise Helicopters, is Richard Parker in Mt. Olive, whose rates are $355 an hour. Wallace State is a 141 and 61 training facility and if you wanted to you can pursue an Associates Degree. However, I would recommend no matter where you chose to train to get at least 50 hrs in the R-22 time, especially if you are going to go for your CFI. If you have any question my name is Dustin and you can contact me at 256-591-7351.

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Helicopter source; http://thehelicoptersource.com list a few including the one in enterprise. Eagle in Ozark quoted me $350/hr for Schweizer training, which I though was pricey.


There's a policy chief in Pell City that has a bird & will train you if you live in the B'ham area. I don't know of in south alabama, if you here of any please pass it along.

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