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SCAM !!! Geocean Limited Nigeria !!!! SCAM


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Got to be carefull with those superb ADD.


Always check with the country GOV Investigator Dept on the compagnies you

apply for or sent money to be on a training file. If listed on there files you will have the hole story about that compagny and the excellent credits at hand ...


GOV Investigation Depts: FBI, RCMP ...

Check with your GOV Depts for more detail's ...

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Dr Michael Eze needs my help moving $16,000,000 dollars out of Nigeria, but I'm so darned busy I thought I'd pass this on to some starving heli pilot and help them out. All he needed was all my personal info etc. and I could keep 4 mil for my trouble. I also got one from an Army Colonel in Iraq, same deal, so maybe I can help out two troubled pilots instead of just one. Let me know if your interested.

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