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Online Flight Planning to GPS coordinates?

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Are there any websites or software that allow you to plan flights to and from recognized airports, as well as GPS coordinates?


I can look up a potential landing spot on GoogleEarth and get the coordinates, which of course I can enter into my Garmin 430, 696, or Chelton. I just wish could use them directly with online services like NavMonster.com, AOPA's flight planner, etc.


Does anyone know of online programs/websites that will use GPS coordinates, as well as airport identifiers? What do you use for planning?




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You may want to check out this site:




I believe their Premium Membership subscription would do everything you want. Also spits out PDF's that you can print of all the charts, approach plates, airport diagrams, etc that is part of your flight plan. Each page prints the size of standard size knee boards, seems pretty cool.



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