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Jet Ranger vs. Airplane Quick Stop

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OK - not sure if its the new forum here, but the search function seems to return the exact same stuff no matter what search I am doing....


I think it was here that someone posted a link to a video where a Jet Ranger (I think) was doing a hover taxi and an airplane pulls right out in front of the guy and his immediate action/quick stop was the only thing that saved them both from sure disaster.


Can someone report that link for me..?



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Thats no jetranger thats a 407. Thats another reason why helicopters should always go direct to the ramp. It drives me nuts when a controller clears me for a runway when I can go direct to the ramp. I understand theres times it doesnt work out but for everybodys sake its safer to go direct unless your doing patterns.

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The airplane didn't pull out in front of him, it was taxiing on a taxiway, with the right of way, and the helicopter pilot didn't seem to be paying attention, and was moving faster than necessary.

GP, my read on this exactly! Helo pilot should have seen the airplane taxiing and not been going so fast!

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