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Complex Movement Key

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Hey All,


First time posting on here so I will give you my stats (still pretty early so I will edit as things come in):


25 Years Old

ASVAB: TBD - Have the ARCO book and feel confident.


AFAST: TBD - Have the ARCO book, FAA Rotorcraft Manual, and the Principles of Helicopter Flight. Feel pretty confident but I still have at least a month and a half before I take this.


APFT:TBD but shooting for 300. Can max sit-ups and push-ups but have to get the run down to 13:00. I have a couple months so shouldn't be too hard.


Education: 2 years at West Point (Honorable Discharge). 2 Bachelors degrees and 2/3 years of Law School completed. Ready to get back into the Army...


6 LORs


Flight Experience: Other than riding in a Black Hawk a couple times - None.



So now you know a little about me - here's the question. For those of you who have taken the AFAST - is the complex movements arrow key the same on the real test as the practice test? I have searched but have not seen a definitive answer.


Also, I saw an Army news article mentioning that HRC is moving to Ft. Knox/Campbell (can't remember) and that several boards would be suspended from the months of July-September. Has anyone else heard this and whether or not it will affect the WOFT boards. Thanks.


- Steve

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I think the key is simply to keep it to 10 seconds per problem - even if it means making an educated guess. After a couple times of taking it I've got it down to about 1:30 minutes to spare. I realize that will probably tighten up a bit on the real thing but I feel its a pretty good buffer.

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