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Recommendation of an ALSE company


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www.xtremealse.com I found this little company online a couple weeks back as I was searching for parts for my SPH-4 helmet. It is an outfit out of Clarksville, TN. By far the place with the cheapest helmet parts online I have found between Oregon Aero, Barnes & Gibson, HelicopterHelmet, and a couple other places. I highly recommend them to anybody looking to make some part upgrades to their flight helmet(s). They do have new and used components. They don't necessarily have everything, but they have a greater portion and more than likely they will have what you are looking for.


I had ordered a few items (used newer style sph-4 harness, ear cup foam, chin pad, and a screw for the visor knob.) The visor knob screw that I needed the company didn't have listed on their website, but when I gave them a call, they had those parts in stock. Shipping was quick, and the staff was very friendly. Originally I had checked to purchase a harness assembly and a chin strap. After I submitted my order, one of the managers gave me a call and said the chin strap comes with the harness, and glady removed the separate chin strap from my order.


All in all I saved myself around $80 and even more had I ordered from Oregon Aero or Gibson & Barnes. Happy flying!

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