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Rest in Peace Vince Consiglia


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We trained Vince in the late 1990's in a R22 Mariner at the Lantana, Florida (West Palm Beach) airport.


He later accumulated 1600 hours in R22, 55 in R44, some in an H300 and 75 in JetRanger and this was all while flying for United Airlines as a Captain of an Boening 777 until retired at age 65. After retiring he still wanted to fly for the love of it and flew banners, freight or whatever just for the fun. Vince was always happy to take you diving or flying but didn't want to displace a younger pilot from gaining needed hours.



From the wire: Hopes for finding a possible survivor of the plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas appears to be fading.


The U.S. Coast Guard called off its search for a second person Wednesday afternoon after helping the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association since Tuesday's crash of a Beech-18 twin-prop cargo air charter about 6 miles southwest of Nassau.


"No further support has been requested by Bahamian officials so it is a closed case for the U.S. Coast Guard," according to Petty Officer Nick Ameen.


A Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter found a debris field late Tuesday and Bahamian officials recovered the body of an unidentified man floating amid the wreckage.

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Bags of women's clothing also were found floating at the crash site, according to the Coast Guard. A second person was reported on the flight from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau. No identities had been released by local or Bahamian authorities as of late Wednesday.


The plane belonged to Fort Lauderdale-based Monarch Air Group

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