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NVG Reference Material

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Considering the amount of knowledge on the forums and people's willingness to help, I have another request.


In the near future I'll begin NVG training for operations and IP. Does anyone have reference material or a link for information on anything and everything NVG? Im not sure the model I will be using yet but anything will help. I remember hearing that the gogles are past Gen 5 but I'm not certain.


I found some basic notes on NVG here: http://baseops.net/ft_rucker/ but anything will help. Thanks to those who replied before, I greatly appreciate it.


Ship and my IP are lined up. I have limited experience using them in flight with safety pilot/ CFII at the helm while I looked around. Any advice is also welcome from you salty pilots. =)

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If i knew how to post a link I would, but if you go back into the general forum and search back to the beginning of october there was a free NVG webinar. You can still register and download and audio from their sight. Some pretty good info there.

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