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Need some opinion....


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Fixed wing will be cheaper initially in the training, and more opportunities for time building ( such as banner tows, parachuting, the Aero Club on base regularly uses Comm pilots it trains for various things ) then the rotary world. Initial salaries will be not as good for fixed wing, generally speaking ( depends on if you are talking an airline career - pt 121 - or cargo hauler - pt 135 - or Alaska bush pilot, etc, etc, ), but have a potential for a lot higher income ( look at a 121 captain's salary vs. a twin IFR gulf helo pilots salary ). It comes down to what you are willing to give up to get in return. Some airplane guys I guess don't mind sharing an aiport apartment with 10 other first officers and hot bunking between shifts. Some helicopter guys don't mind sleeping in a little trailer down on the Louisiana bayou.


Best advice given to me ever in regards to flying - pay cash for your Private rating and reevaluate from there.

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It all depends on what you want to fly too. Personally, flying airplanes never really crossed my mind. It has been helicopter or nothing for me. If I didn't fly helicopters, I would likely not be in the aviation industry.

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