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I know some of you are great at digging up old hard to find helicopters. I am looking for a picture of a MD500 doing EMS. I know it has been done I just can' find proof for my buddy. To make it trickier it has to be an internal stretcher. Not the 500MG version.






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Not a true EMS ship, but transported patients as a CA Title 22 rescue operator. Sorry for the quality, it’s a digital photo of an old wall poster.




I remember LASD had a 500 with the big bubble windows so they could fit a backboard across the backseat. Good thing they never had to transport me.....

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LACSD had a 500-C with the bubble rear doors. Some of you may remember it from the old TV series "240 Robert". I think that was their actual helicopter(?).

See here.


I also have an old 500-D sales manual from 78' showing various actual LE 500's with the rescue configuration.




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