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Helicopter Accident Stats FY-to Date)

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Here are the stats for FY 2011( October 2010-May 2011)


77 total, 9 which were fatal with 11 fatalities. To compare to last year at this time there were 70 accidents, 9 were fatal with 24 fatalities.


Personal(G.A.): (21) 27%

Flight Training: (16) 21% (Auto-rotations and Dynamic Rollover #1 causes)

Aerial Application: (10) 13%

EMS: (8) 10%

Public Use: (7) 9%

External Load: (4) 5%

Offshore: (4) 5%

Utility Patrol: (3) 4%

Commercial: (2) 3%

Business: (1) 1%

ENG: 1%


Last year (full Fiscal Year) 133 accidents, 21 fatal with 45 fatalities. 16 of those fatalities were in EMS second only to General Aviation.

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JD, thanks for posting the info/stats!


Various Organizations have been working very hard with research and input to reduce the accident rates.


HAI, FAASTeam, AOPA, IHST, FAA & especially SAFE with their Training Reform Symposium in Atlanta this past May.


The Buzz words at Heli-Expo were "SMS & SBT".


The conclusions are that industry needs modern training to include SMS at the company/flight school levels plus modern FITS SBT Methodology training curriculums and better training for Initial CFIs. The PTSs are being changed/upgraded now to include total Scenario Based Testing which are already in the current IFR/CFII PTSs. The Private, Commercial & CFI PTSs will include new and expanded areas regarding ADM, SRM, and Risk Management. These to will be a total Scenario Based Testing method.


Not sure of my availability for Heli-Success in November and the FAASTeam Safety Seminars the day prior but I hope to again participate in person or with program support/input.





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