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R66 s/n 10 down


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I'm will bet there will be an investigation. Just like any aircraft accident involving injuries/fatalities. There will be FACTUAL evidence gathered and reported. Final report will be issued. If further information/evidence regarding the the investigation is discovered or made relevant after the final report is issued, NTSB will revisit and perhaps modify their probable cause(s)and/or contributing factors.


If you haven't gotten a sense of my sarcasm in response to "...wanna start placing bets what the feds are going to do?", I'll try to be a little more blunt next time. :angry:.

Maybe make a guest appearance on the Today show or something and pop off your opinions there.



Please don't speculate with subjects like this, or encourage others. If nothing else, don't post'em here on VR...go to the other place that likes to stir sh!t up with rumors and similar discussion.


Almost all of us have had to experience somebody close dying in an accident, and had to deal with the after-effects to their family & friends. Let the investigation turn up what it turns up & learn from it. Show some respect for fellow rotorheads involved, as well as OUR industry and hold off on opinions.



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haha... ahothd.. you've got it all wrong but oh well...

I'm merely picking up that there have been 2 fatal accidents on a new design in less than 6 months of production. Given the history of the FAA and Robinson I would not be suprised to see them face some sort of additional scrutiny. Your comments directed toward me stir up more crap than a discussion of type design crashes. I must be flying at your same altitude...jeez ya a hole.

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