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So I got out of the Marines in August and have been going to Cal State San Marcos, and have been looking into GI Bill approved schools with no luck. i have been reading thru all the post and cant find any info on So Cal. im sure it because California sucks but im stuck here for a few more years and really want to persue this. Any help is greatly appreciated.. Thanks



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Hi Tom -


Semper Fi


I would check with Civic Helicopters at Palomar. As I recall they are a VA approved flight school. They are a good group of folks - I have my helicopters with them. http://www.civichelicopters.com or 760-438-8424

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I went to Civic. Good crowd, nice location to train in. And the airport restaurant isnt bad either! I dont know about the 141 status though.


Hi Flying Pig - I am certain they are 141 approved as a friend of mine just completed his training with them under 141!


Next time you are going to be down, let me know. My birds are with Civic and I work on the field, would love to hook up with and do lunch!

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College of the Sequoias is set up for Ch 33. Not sure if that is within reasonable travel distance, and I have no experience with them, but it could be an option. You have to realise that if you want to get 100% coverage for flight school, it really limits where you can go. Check out what areas have the highest cap and where you can live off the stipend and BAH. Moving may be in your best interests.


I did hear a rumor that the VA may start funding any school that is acredited. Without the need to go through a degree program. I hope this is true, it would save the VA alot of $ so I guess it is possible.

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