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Applying for WOFT and adding stipulations to my service contract

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Hi everyone,


I have just joined the forum and am looking forward to spending time here sharing information and experiences with other aviators and even getting to know some of you!


I am currently 23 and a junior in college. I am going to graduate with my bachelors degree in 2013 in a highly specialized and specific healthcare field. My major is in cardiovascular perfusion (operating the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery). Once I graduate, I will be able to sit for a national board exam. If I pass the exam, I will earn my certification and I will be able to start practicing as a clinical perfusionist. In order to keep my certification current, I have to pump AT LEAST 40 open heart surgery cases per year. If I do not meet this requirement, I will lose the certification and it can be very difficult to reaquire it.


Here is my dilemma: I wish to join the army and become a rotary wing pilot after I earn my certification. At this point I am planning on putting in my 7 year commitment and once my army career is over I want to go back into the civilian world and work as a perfusionist, therefore it is important for me to keep my certification. I have researched working as a perfusionist for the army but came up with absolutely nothing. It appears as though there was an MOS for it a while ago but it has since gone away.


My question to you all is if there is any way that I can become a pilot for the army and somehow have a stipulation added to my service contract where they would guarantee me that I could get my 40 cases per year in? It may seem like a far fetched expectation, but I believe that if the army has a need for perfusionists, then they would be willing to work with me to allow me to do both. If they are not willing to do this, then what are the chances that I would have enough free time while off duty to work part time at civilian hospitals?


As far as talking to a recruiter about this, would it be wise to speak to an officer as opposed to an enlisted recruiter? I have the impression that an officer would be more willing and able to help me out.


Thank you for reading.

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