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Just looking for some opinions


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It's been quite a while since I've been on the site. I've been in Afghanistan on a deployment for the last 10 months. I should be finished and home in March 2012. Well, I have some questions that I'm hoping will get some responses. I have quite a bit of money saved up (est. $50,000) from my deployment. Before I was shipped to Afghanistan with the ARNG, I was working as an aircraft mechanic at an Air Force base. Yes, I'm a federal employee and my job is secure. I have my A&P license, but only have about a year of working experience. That experience has been on E-3s (AF plane). I really want to work on helicopters, preferably on Blackhawks or Chinooks. I'm trying to switch MOS in the ARNG from 92A (Logistics) to 15T or 15U (Blackhawk/Chinook mechanic). This is in the works. It's kind of hard to progress with something like this when you're deployed. I would also like to work as a mechanic on commercial helicopters while I train to fly them. I know, I'm long winded but it's been a while....give me a break.


#1: Are there many helicopter mechanic jobs in Colorado or anywhere in the NW for someone that doesn't have much experience?


I want to move to Colorado or NW part of the country to fulfill my goal of obtaining my ratings for helicopter pilot. I started back in 2008 and I have 20 hrs under my belt that is only good for hour building. I had to stop for financial reasons. The fire has still been inside of me for almost 4 years now.


#2: Is there anyone in Colorado that might be able to point me in the right direction for any leads on mechanic jobs while I train?


#3: If I didn't find a job right away, is $30K feasible to start training, and using the $20K for living expenses for the first year?


#4: I know $30K would only get me so far, would it be crazy to finance the rest?


I'm also looking for a good training facility.


I'm just hoping for some feedback or advice. I would appreciate any input on this matter.

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take your 50k and put it all toward your ratings.... get a part time or full time mechanic job to pay living expenses... you should be able to get all your ratings for that price.


Why Colorado? Their rates seem to be overpriced.


oh yeah... don't finance any of your training.

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