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WOFT Eligibility Question

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I decided in college that I wanted to become a military aviator. I wanted to fly helicopters and provide close air support, so my choices were Army and Marines. I started both Army WOFT and USMC OCS application processes, being completely honest with my recruiters. Eventually I had to choose one and I chose the Marines. After my third try I was selected to attend OCS and shipped down to Quantico VA. Unfortunately, I was not as mentally prepared for OCS as I had thought I was and was sent home on the week 7 boards for failure to adapt. I was told I had more heart and determination than most candidates but I lacked the confidence and command presence required to serve as a Marine Officer.


I am still committed to my dream of becoming a military aviator. Despite this failure I know I have what it takes. I decided I would be more likely to achieve my goals with the Army than trying again with the Marines. I went to see an Army recruiter and he seemed willing to help me apply for WOFT but then I was transferred to a different recruiter in the same office. He is telling me that the office commander (I forgot the exact billet title) is saying that I can’t. He says to enlist and apply as an enlisted Soldier. My problem with that is that I read in an article that civilians have a 69% selection rate versus only 21% for in service due to a higher volume of applicants to compete against.


Should I push the issue or is it true that I would never be selected having just failed USMC OCS? Should I try another recruiter? My WOFT application is still almost complete from before so it would require minimal work now. How do I know I wouldn’t enlist into the Army, serve a while, go to apply again and be told, “well you failed USMC OCS, so, no”? I am especially concerned considering how competitive in service selection is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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They're feeding you crap. Go to a different office that is willing to work with you. I got told by my local office that I wasn't going to make it but "that we'll put a packet together if you really want."


I drove an hour and a half away to a motivated recruiter and two months later I was accepted.

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Your station commander is full of sh*t. I'd like to tell him that in person, too. Alas, I have better things to do. I know of three guys here that either left OCS or TBS that are selected active WO1s in flight training.


Get a better recruiter. Especially if you packet is mostly complete. Just refresh those LORs and get on with it.

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Thanks for the replies. I feel like the USMC thing hurts my chances but doesn't make me an automatic no go and my recruiter is just being lazy. I learned from my mistakes and have improved and am still determined and commited and I know that counts for something. If I am not selected I am willing to enlist, but I want to at least try first. Like they say you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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