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AGRI Brick kits for Sale !! :-)

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Soooo, you have been asking for three years where you can get your very own ‘AGRI Brick’.. Well, we have finally made it happen!! These are awesome paper weights and conversation pieces.. you’d be surprised to find who’s desks these sit on around our industry !! :-)


The story: Four years ago my best friend Brent and i were talking on the phone, he’s a commercial pilot that flies jets for a living, i told him that i had to go because i was going flying and had to do a preflight on the helicopter i was about to fly. He asked me if i had found the ‘Brick’.. gullible me said, ‘what brick’ and he said ‘the one under the left seat, it’s your autorotation brick, when the engine quits you throw it out the window and where it lands, that’s where you are going to land’!! :-) Of course we thought that was hilarious and later developed these ‘AGRI Bricks’... sorry it took so long to get them to you.


So here’s what you get.. the two white labels are thick vinyl with permeant ink and stickum on the back (if you apply them with a hair dryer they will never come off the brick, stick to the clean brick and heat up with the dryer). The first ones we made were printed on paper and only lasted a couple of years, this should last a LONG time. You will receive both labels, if you don’t like the bottom one just don’t use it. You will see in the photos that if you want to use it you just cut a square out of the felt, if not, just use the felt as it comes as it’s included and has stickum on it as well.


You will need to buy your own brick which you can get for about a dollar at most hardware stores. You’ll also have to trim the felt for the bottom as it’s a bit over-sized.


Shipping is included! We have less than 100 of these left and probably won’t make any more, so if you want one you should order it now.


The price per kit shipped priority in the US is $14


The price per kit shipped internationally is $29


Since shipping is a large portion of the cost, if you order two or three kits we can put them in the first envelope for $8 per kit each. (So, if you order three, the first one is $14 and the other two $8 each for a total of $14 + $16 = $30, shipped in the US).


To order, paypal the $$ with your choice and number you want to:




Don’t forget to include your address.


If you would rather send a check that is fine too, Make it out to Colorado Heli-Ops and mail to:


Colorado Heli-Ops

11844 Corporate Way

Broomfield, CO 80021


We’ll get your kits out asap..


If you have any questions call us at 303.466.HELI (4354)


More information here: https://www.facebook...29809710&type=1


Shoot, almost forgot !! All of the profit from these, about $3 per kit, will go to the HeliSuccess Scholarship fund this year!!


Fly Safe!!







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For those of you that were there, you will remember that Lyn gave away a few scholarships last year at HeliSuccess.. if you really want to give back, when you order your 'Brick' add what ever amount you can to the payment and let us know that the extra goes to the scholarship fund.


You can also still get your VR pins, we have a few left, with a donation of $10 or more.. last year more than a few people gave $100 for their pins, a couple even more than that...


see you in Vegas!!



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