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Hi folks,


It seems to be a theme around the WOFT discussions- my recruiter pooped out on me. Stopped replying to communications. I already talked to the head shed at the recruiting station and got the same response.


Could anyone recommend an excellent Army recruiter that might be willing to help a sincerely motivated candidate go through the process? I've done all the leg work I can on my side of completing the packet- now I am forced to rely on a recruiter.


I'm more than willing to travel. I am located in Central PA.


Thanks for any tips from those with good experiences...



Caleb Thomas

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Wow, glad to hear that I am not the only one out there that this happened to.


I started my WOFT packet in December 2011, worked on everything that I could accomplish with out the help of a recruiter and did everything my recruiter asked me to do in a timely manner.


however, my FIRST recruiter was always dragging his feet, not wanting to schedule MEPS, the AFAST, or my flight physical so I changed recruiters.


My Second recruiter got me through MEPS with no problems and everything went well. The week after I attended MEPS I took my AFAST and scored very well on it (144). I tried scheduling my DOD photo and flight physical immediately after and he told me we will get them done soon enough. About a month later did my APFT. again I scored well, a 280, and once again pushed for my flight physical. I had all my paperwork in such as college transcript, 5 letters of recommendation, etc.


SO...after I did everything stated above, my recruiter stopped communication with me. I tried calling him once a week for a month , and left him 3 voice mails on his cell, and one at the recruiting office. So almost a year into my WOFT process, I quit trying to contact the recruiter, and even though I would love to be an Army aviator I am content with my engineering position I currently hold.


Let me know if you had any luck with a different recruiter and what step you are on for your process.

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same thing here, for me its been 13 months of going back and forth through 4 recruiters already.. but I keep in touch with the station almost every day. I know they hate me, and I don't care. I have told them a couple times already, that I am a very good candidate and that the only way of getting rid of me is by pushing my packet all the way to USAREC. My career is one of the most important things for me, and I will be persistent.

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