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Transfer from Private Fixed wing to Rotorwing

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A couple things...... Am I the only person who laughed out loud? At 17 you have flown 300+ hrs in a Jet Ranger? Ohhh, C'mon......So, youve been flying with this guy just about every week for the past couple years since you were 14 or something? I cant imagine how the pilot ever made a living. Youll probably want to tone that number down a bit because its pretty unrealistic at your age. Anyway...its your story to tell.

As a 20yr member of CAP, past Squadron Commander of a unit with two G1000 Cessna 182's, Aircraft Manager and CAP Mission/SAR/CD pilot, you wont be flying for free in CAP, and CAP isnt a flight school. If it was, everyone would be a member. Most training you do in CAP is still paid for by the member-pilot. And at age 17, you wont be flying any "funded" missions until you become a Mission Pilot and have at least 175hrs airplane with 50 xtry . Youll most likely have to get that time on your own. If there is any "free" time, which there is once in a while, it will go to the seasoned member/pilots who make the unit operate. Not a new member who is still a teenager looking to log free time. Reality can be a terrible thing.


As far as costs, thats been answered 1000 times on this site. Just start searching for schools in your area........and asking whoever is going to co-sign your loans. :)

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