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MOS 67J (Medevac) Army National Guard only?

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First off. Hello. My name is Corey. I want to be an army aviator.


I am slightly confused. First is the Army National Guard the only units who fly medevac? Second, can a army aviator submit an application for 67J? or is the only way to be considered for 67J is by coming up through MSC and being sponsored through flight school? I am finding conflicting information regarding this mos online and my recruiter has no idea. He still keeps asking if I want to enlist.


Thank you,


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I'm not sure if you edited your post after I read it or if I was just really tired this morning. I was responding to the question of whether warrant officers on active duty could be 67Js.


Active duty has plenty of Medevac units. You don't have to be a 67J to fly with one. Any warrant officer that ends up flying Black Hawks can be assigned to one. But they can also be assigned to units with other missions. You have a little bit of control over where you end up, but I emphasize the word "little." You may have to work for a couple years in a different unit and try to get transferred.


67Js will always end up in Medevac units. There are plenty of ways to get that MOS if that's what you want, but I'm not very familiar with them so I'll leave it at that.

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I'm an active duty 67J. If you plan on getting your commission through ROTC, it will look like this. Approximately October of your senior year, you will receive your branch. To be a 67J you MUST be branched Medical Service Corps. AFTER being branched MS, you can apply to the 67J selection board. Around the November/December timeframe, a MILPER message will be published on the HRC website with instructions on how to apply to the board. I don't remember everything that goes in the packet, but it wasn't too bad. The board normally convenes in February or March, with the results being published in April. I found out I was selected barely a month before commissioning.


You also asked about going warrant, then commissioning into a 67J position at a later time. One of the other LTs in my company did this, so it is possible. It worked out pretty well for him, whereas most of us new LTs are struggling for flight time, he was already a PC with around 1,000 hours.


The previously mentioned instructions can be found here: http://medicalservicecorps.amedd.army.mil/careers.html


Good luck!

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