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AFAST using the ARCO book


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I am taking the AFAST in 2 days. I been studying a long time now and still pretty nervous about the test. I can complete all sections within the given time and usually get all questions correct. I was told that the Barons book is way off! Therefore, I have memorized all helicopter knowledge questions ( about 50). Just wanted to know if I should look at the something else too or if I will be fine. Graduate OCS in 2 wks!

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I am looking for the acro book an i cant sem to find it i only see the patersons copy showing up is it possible for someone to link a picture so i make sure i purchase the correct guide to study from.


It is the same thing. Type "ARCO AFAST study guide" into google and it is your first result. Click on the PDF and you will see that even though it says "Peterson's," the second page says "an ARCO book."


This has been posted numerous times on the forums under the General Military section.

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