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2011 WOFT Selection Statistics

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Recommend when seeing a recruiter regarding the WOFT program take a copy of the article below. They truly won't believe the statistics until they see it in black and white from the Aviation School House.


Recruiters do not enjoy submitting a WOFT packet; unfamiliar with the process, too time consuming and besides, you may not even be selected.


Don't fall for the line of gaining enlisted experience first. That has nothing to do with flying or being an Officer. You'll see it's easier in being selected for WOFT as a civilian than as an enlisted soldier.




Future WOFT applicants can now see how competitive they are in the eyes of the Army. We don't pay much, but we damn sure play for keeps. Just ask the late bin laden. Short memory, I forgot, he's shark food.


Can anyone make this a permanent posting or at least the article?

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