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Warrant's in the National Guard

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Hello all, I have a few questions for those of you in the guard or familiar with the WOCS/WOFT process in the guard.

I am an E-5, 11B prior active duty, have my Bachelors, and approx. 120 hrs. fixed wing. I ETS'd planning on getting my commission and going aviation, however, my deployments were to Iraq and i wanted one more deployment on the ground and to come to Afghanistan, I found a high speed Airborne Infantry NG unit deploying so i jumped on. I will be home within a month and plan on taking the SIFT and flight physical immediately.

Anyone know how the process varies for NG? According to the rear det commader for the aviation unit they are holding a board in January. From what i see on the warrant homepage there is a board in Jan. as well and the dealine for packet submission is 16 Nov. Would this be the same or done by Unit/ Batt.? Im going through RI.


Also, anyone that has done the packet/process through the NG what has your time looked like, from begining to time of heading to WOCS? And from what I gather, the pipeline bubbles at Rucker are pretty much gone??


Thank you in advance for any help or guidance!

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I'm NG and at Rucker right now. I can point you in few directions with your questions, I hope.


For NG, every state is going to have a different process and different board dates. So you'll need to contact the recruiter for RI to find out what the submission deadlines are because they will most likely be a local setup and not tied to any nationwide date and it could even vary from year to year.


The state will also determine the packet requirements. Mine was pretty darn similar to the active duty side. Resume, essay (though I could type mine), LORs, AFAST, PT test, GT score, and transcripts. They then had a packet review and made selections for the formal board/interview.


The timeline for NG is also going to be situation dependent. I was selected in May of 2010 but didn't leave until March 2011 because that is when my unit had a WOCS slot for me to fill. Some people left within months. It just depends on how many slots your unit has for the year, when those slots are, and where you are on the list to fill them.


Once you get to Rucker you will truck right along through school. The long bubbles are indeed gone.


Well, that was a whole lot of writing to basically say that you need to find out who is responsible for Warrant Officer recruiting in your state and give them a call.


Good luck.

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Thank you for clearing some info up! I was told that they have not recieved slots for the fiscal year, assuming they are talking about 2013 considering its just about Oct. but said its always changing due to a constant flux with pilots. They are getting back in Oct. from a deployment so hopefully that means alot of movement and openings that will need to be filled.

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Hey 11b welcome and thanks for sharing your story. Im planning on doing the giard route to woft as well but im not prior service so ill be enlisting first. I kinda some info about it but others who have been there done that would be better to ask. Keep us in the loop with your process as to help others out in the future

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From Mass...


I did a state board, which was more about "where do you see yourself in five years", and some "are you aware flying is not all fun and games?". That was the real gist. After getting accepted to that, there was the usual stuff. PRE-WOCC down at Indiantown Gap (worse than WOCS...) and then a FED REC board shortly before I left for flight school, but at that point, I already had a slot, though it was two years after the first board. (Deployment...) FED REC was basically a few officers interviewing you to see if you would make a good officer, or whatever. "We get a lot of guys who go as higher enlisted, and get upset when they get yelled at; it's been a LONG time since they've been yelled at in the military. How do you think you'll do with that?" sort of thing.


A lot is state dependent. Get hold of someone from the rear det who got back from flight school recently and get some info.


The info you see on the USAREC site doesn't apply to guard, dates and such. You can ignore it.

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Pre WOCC was just a MUTA 5 weekend. Honestly though, I enjoyed the 4 weeks of WOCS more than the 2.5 days of Pre WOCC. They were still teaching the "old" method of WOCS when I went through, but by the time I actually got here, it was the kinder, gentler WOCS. I don't know if EAATS has caught up yet, but I'd assume so.


Yamer: Surprisingly, the map that comes up doesn't show either AASF.


AASF #1 is on the Cape on the (now) CGAS. #2 is out in Westfield at Barnes (KBAF). #1 is A Co/HHC 3-126 and we're GSAB with a current mix of A+ and L. #2 is one of the DETs for the C-Co MEDEVAC, and has the HH-60M.

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