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The deal on packets and submitting them.

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So im a current E-5 11B

(NG) trying to go throught the application process for WOFT. Im going off the checklist and have just about everything with the exception of LOR's which i am curretly trying to obtain. On the warrant website it says apps. should be submitted via AKO, is this just for active? also is the packet the application?


Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

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I'm also 11b in the NG and you do everything the same as a civilian with the exception of getting a DD368 release. You just go to an AD recruiter and he does the packet. I'm going for AD so I'm not sure how it goes for Guard WOFT. You should ask the unit you're applying for.

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Your guard woft packet should be getting done with your states warrant officer recruiter or a guard recruiter i believe... If u wanna do an ad one then use an ad recruiting office like mentioned. At least get with a guard warrant and ask them about submission.

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Entering through the NG then trying to immediately switch to active duty while at Rucker isn't a possibility. Just logistically speaking, it is too complex. The option would be to complete flight training then try to switch.


This is, however, a jerk of a move. If you interview to join a state, tell them you're going to fly for them and give them 6 years, then come back from flight school and immediately try to leave the unit, you have committed a party foul. Now that state has to send someone else to flight school for 2 years when the could have just selected someone else who wanted to stick around.


Remember that the Guard or Reserve unit is trying to stay at full strength, too. They use resources for every person sent to Rucker. People do have life changes that cause them to switch units after being initially sent by one state, but to accept a slot with that as the plan is shady.


Just food for thought as you try to determine where you focus your packet efforts. If you have an inclination for going active, I would focus on that effort rather than trying to join the Guard and then seek a transition.

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