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Selection Chances

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Just want a guess here on my chances of being selected with my current stats while in the process of getting started.


Age - 23


Prior Service - 4 years active duty Air Force


College AFROTC - 2 years experience (currently still in)


College credits - A little over 70 hours


GPA - 3.25


Major - Computer Science


Physical Condition - I did a mach APFT and scored 300


ASVAB - Don't remember my scores


Security Clearance - Secret


I haven't done the flight physical or any other test for the time being.


It's not much. However like I said, just a guess as I am just now getting started. I spoke to a recruiter over the phone today and setup a meeting. He did not know much about putting together a package, and also was trying to persuade me into enlisting. I understand I will have to do most of the leg work and remind him quite a few times. Maybe it's better if I look for a different recruiter instead.

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Have you taken the SIFT yet? Keep in mind, they no longer accept AFAST scores and if your ASVAB is older than 2 years old, you will have to re-take that as well.


College GPA and participation in ROTC (even AF) helps. Not to mention the 300 APFT. Good stuff. As long as you don't have any serious physical conditions, you should be able to pass the Class 1 no problem! Good luck.


EDIT: I see they extended the AFAST acceptance until Jan 2013.

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also was trying to persuade me into enlisting


Seems to be the tread...


Just off what you have said, I would assume he is not the guy you want putting your packet together. There is nothing wrong with using a recruiter who has never put a packet together as long as he is willing to learn and work. Worked for me. If he is trying to talk you into enlisting, my guess is he knows the packet takes a lot of work and is trying to weasel his way out of it. Tell him the selection rate for WOFT applicants has been hovering around 50% lately, you feel like you are a strong candidate and it would look good on him from the battalion's standpoint if he got you selected.


What was your AFSC?

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Duh! thnx WOFTApp or should I say WOFTSel?


Mr. Woods, you have good stats, keep in mind that plenty of applicants have a degree, or flight experience, or both.


But I will say go for it, and put pressure on the recruiting station to help you, follow the chain of command if somebody is giving you the run around. I had to get all the way up to the recruiting Battalion to be able to finish up my packet... but I did it and now I am waiting for Jan Board.


If you don't get selected this time, how are you going to make your packet MORE competitive?


you already maxed out APFT, have a good GPA, prior service with Secret, and still very young. Invest on finishing your degree or getting you private pilot's license. just my .02

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the selection rate for WOFT applicants has been hovering around 50% lately,



Man, I remember my recruiter was telling me, "Man, they only select the best and the brightest. Only like 1 out of every 10 get selected. You need to enlist first!"


That's when I dropped some knowledge about the selection rate being around 75%. This was back in May so it may be lower now.

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"Man, they only select the best and the brightest. Only like 1 out of every 10 get selected."


That is probably a true statement, on the enlisted side. The notion of enlisting JUST to have a greater selection chance is absurd.


This is a year old now but it still gives a clear picture:



Civilians had 256 applicants compared to 977 active duty applicants in FY11; almost 4 times as many. However, 177 civilians and 205 active duty were selected; about 70% and 20% respectively.


Now, I know these are just numbers but look at the letter. The applicant averages for both civ and AD are very comparable. So in my very humble opinion, make yourself as competitive as possible and apply. If that means enlisting to gain some maturity (i.e. http://helicopterfor...-woft-updates/ ) then go that route. Do what is best for you. Just don't enlist because the recruiter said it would help. In some cases it may help, others it may not.

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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. Just a update, I have located a different recruiting office, and recruiter. He has been very helpful so far. While I'm waiting on a few things, I have taken care of 3 LOR's. Hellfire to answer your question I have no flight experience, and DC8488 my AFSC was 3E1X1 (HVAC/R) attached to a civil engineering squadron.

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Right, I was going off of CW Reese's article. So it's probably gone down since.


I just thought it was funny and absurd at the same time that he was saying if I enlisted, it would give me a better chance of selection.


Woods, I would advise maxing your LORs. Try to get six! Even if you get ones from your college professors or something, anything to improve your packet!

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