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LASIK paperwok

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I just had my LASIK surgery last week. Everything went great. I have read on this forum that there are numerous pieces of paperwork the eye doc will have to fill out and will have to fill those papers out more than once each time he does a test on my eyes over the next couple of months. I have not been able to find any of those documents in searching past topics...


My recruiter gave me one page (attached) and said that the doc only has to fill this one page out just one time and thats it. I find that hard to believe...


Can anyone who has gone through this process give me a heads up on what I need to take to the doc? I have another follow up appointment with him later this week.



eye refract.pdf

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I had PRK 2 1/2 years ago. Had it done by the Navy and kept every piece of paper associated with it because I knew I wanted to apply for WOFT. Had a flight physical in Dec, just took all the paperwork to the eye doctor and she filled out the waiver form. As far as I know the key papers to have are the pre-op, day of op, and a couple post-op to show that you met the before surgery standards and that everything turned out ok and has healed nicely at 3 months.

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