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Do EMS operators see a lot of people going from single engine jobs to being hired on to a twin position, like in a 407 to an EC135? Or do most require prior experience? I would think it would be easier to get on with a company that has both and work your way up after you have been a proven asset.


Curious to hear from people who went from a single engine job in to a twin job with a different operator and how that transition went.

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EMS is generally location driven, you fly what the base flies. Most EMS pilots decide by location, not airframe.

One company to another or within the company, it's an interview and management selection process. If you're 135 current in the airframe, that's a plus. Being currently employed with the same operator and conveniently replaceable at your present assignment is a big plus, too. In the end, there will be a seat to fill either way.

My recollection (decades ago) at moving into a twin was that the airframe specific training for a new qualification was the same for a transfer as for a new-hire.

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Yeah what Wally said. Twin time helps but not a requirement.

I went with location instead of airframe as well. Since we have more singles than twins in my company, I had more choices on where I wanted to live. Of course twin pay is a few thousand more per year and they get IFR evals every 6 mths. Maybe a few years down the road I'll switch if the right spot opened up.

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