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Yet another SFAR73 Question


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Hi everyone

As the title states why couldn't they have made this regulation reasonably understandable or just make it like Europe with type ratings for Robinsons.


Anyway scenario is Rotorcraft helicopter rated <200hrs, no Robinson time want PIC endorsment to fly both R44 and R22.


Can I do 5hrs dual in the 22 then 5hrs dual in the 44 and be good to go?


Whats confusing me is that that SFAR73, 2,b,1,ii states 10hrs dual for R22 whereas 2,b,2,ii just says 10hrs dual instruction in a Robinson helicopter 5 of which must be in R44. This implies that you must do 10hrs R22 then 5hrs R44 to be signed off for both but you couldnt do 10hrs R44 then 5 in the R22?!!


Any clarification greatly appreciated.


Arrggh I would hate to be a lawyer

Thanks for the help

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This is why I won't fly Robinson helicopters. The cost effectiveness is not worth the hassle. I have NO IDEA why those damn things are so popular.


Because they're cheap (relatively).


Because they're a lot more fun to fly than well,...that other little piston thing!


My only gripe about the 300 is the cruise speed and tail rotor. That aside, I just feel more manly flying it instead of the R22.

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