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VA VRAP program towards flight training?

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I have been out of the military for 14 yrs now, and never used my GI Bill, so believe I lost those benefits. I am however approved for the VA's new VRAP program, or veterans retraining assistance program. It shows, and I hear I can use it for flight training towards commercial and training conducive towards becoming a professional pilot. I am already a licensed heli pilot (private) with about 255 hrs, and was working towards commercial. I would like to finish that out and possibly get instrument on way as they were the only requirements I needed for Comm. (10 instrument hrs)

Does anyone have any experience with getting the flight training thru this program? Anyone know or are a VA employee that could steer me in right direction? It does say in some places, that it is used towards a 2 year degree or certificate program, which I'd rather not do, since I'm way past that point in college credits already, now going onto my 4 th year of my bachelors degree. I know I rea they now include flight training to certain schools, just wondering what or who hose certain schools or programs are so as all the benefit money ($1564/ month for 12 months) would go entire

U to flight training

Ay help here?


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