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Looking for information on the Corona FLIR /Polytech system

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Hello all,

I have the opportunity to work with a company that owns the Corona 350 system (FLIR / Polytech) Im a student pilot, certified in professional photography and aerial photography. Im looking for information on a good training course for this system. Anyone have any expereince with this or can you offer me a good direction to start.


Thank you

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Have you contacted FLIR about their courses? When we got our FLIR 8000s, FLIR came and put on a course or we could have gone back to FLIR if we wanted to. It doesnt sound like you bought one, but FLIR would be where I would start if you are seeking solid training on one of their products. That could at least point you in the right direction. I have some contacts a FLIR. I can ask around and see what they can offer for that model.

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