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Sub-1,000 hour tour jobs


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I think that most people are familiar with the 1,000 hour PIC requirement for many tour jobs.


As a guy with just over 900 PIC, but some of those slightly less looked-at things like 1260 total and 750 turbine, I'm trying to put together a list of tour companies to call that actually accept pilots short of the 1,000 hour mark without having to call every single one out there just to figure out which are which.

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You'll probably have to wait 'till next year for these as they just had their hiring season, but, there's Huffman Helicopters, and Helicopter Adventures, both in Myrtle Beach. They wanted 500 TT 100 R44.


There's also Old City Helicopters in Florida. At the moment they're looking for an unpaid intern at 150 TT 10 R44, but if you wait a few months I'm sure they'll be back with their usual ad for 200 TT 20 R44 as a "paid" position?


If I were you though, I'd go down to Florida and drive from there up to New York. There are plenty of small tour operations on the East Coast with just an R44 and a trailer sitting by the road in the tourist areas!

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Try scenic helicopters and smokey mt helicopters in tn. Scenic fly 206b models (1 or 2) and an r44. Smokey flies a couple 206ls. They both pay crap but hire low timers. There's also a school there that flies r44 and instructs. It's a busy place for tours. All 3 companies are in Sevierville, tn. It is a bit late for hiring for tours but you never know. They might like ya depending on what your turbine time is in. You have a bit more hours then what they usually hire with.

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