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Getting Orders for WOFT

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I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting my orders for Rucker cut from my unit. My S1 keeps telling me that they need my 1610 form authorizing my TDY travel to Rucker before they can get my orders. My Schools NCO is telling me that the 1610 doesn't matter at all when it comes to orders (I'm continually harassing him for the form, since S1 is telling me I need it).


Did anyone else have a unit that was throughly confused because you had an ATRRS slot for a school, but was also in PCS status? Even my officer reassignment contact kept telling me I was TDY return until I proved that I wasn't. It just seems that nobody knows what is going on, (or cares) while I have a class date of Oct. 1 and no orders when I'm going to have to PCS my entire family. in the next couple months.


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I did get my orders issued. One thing that I have learned throughout my short stint in the Army, is that if you want something done, you're the one that has to go knocking on doors. After finally finding out, from reassignment, what they needed to cut my orders, I hand walked them into their office and left with four copies of my orders. I'm pretty sure my S1 is still working on stuff for what they think they need....

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