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PRK before flight physical

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Question, I am remaining positive about this meps hiccup that i posted about earlier so I am going to go ahead and ask another question since I have time to address this while waiting.


I had PRK Surgery in 2007, precorrection was -5.25 5.75 (within the 8 limits)...


As years have gone by I noticed that I struggle to get 20/20 on the test. My refraction is very tiny now , so much so the eye doctor indicated that I wouldn't notice much improvement with glasses as its extremely minor.


Such as certain times of the day or lighting I can see 20/20 also if my eyes are say not dry I can pretty well make out the letters...


So when I go for the flight physical having had PRK years ago and I don't hit the 20/20 mark would that be an issue?

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You shouldn't. You will have to get a waiver for PRK ( i am assuming you are not prior service) in which case you will require a consult. Your vision limits are the same regardless if PRK or no. Something like 20/80 or 20/50 correctable to 20/20 ( I pulled that first number out of thin air). This should not be a huge deal.

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