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Stragne problem...

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Apparently the format is recognized as a reserved word for the copyright symbol by the Message Board software. There may be a control or escape code (sometimes the ascii value can be used) that you can put around it so it can be used as a literal as opposed to the reference. Similar to the way an emoticon looks while you are creating a post ::shocking::

If you type colon colon shocking colon colon you will always get the emoticon as the post is read by the Board.

I know that doesn't solve the issue but that is what's happening.

Using the code button does the trick because it disregards any reserved words or special characters inside the CODE markers.


(again not very helpful. . . . . )

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That is one of the shortcuts to putting a copyright symbol on your post. Click the iBCode link when posting a reply and get some of the others. ™ Notice the TM for trademark...
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Or, you could do this:


( a ), ( b ) and ( c ).

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