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Civilian Instrument Currency and Military Instrument Checkrides

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I have been scouring 14 CFR Part 61.57 and have not been able to find an answer to my question:


If I pass a military instrument checkride in a helicopter within the previous 6 months but have not completed 6 instrument approaches in a helicopter within the previous 6 months, am I still instrument current in helicopters?


My thought would be no, but I know there are little military exceptions everywhere that are easily missed. Assume for this case that I did not receive any "civilian endorsements" after the instrument checkride.

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You've completed an Instrument Proficiency Check IAW 61.57(d), so yes, you would be current.


Thanks d10. I'm not sure how I missed subparagraph (d)(2)(ii). That being said, here is a follow-up question:


If my last instrument checkride was in January, but my final AQC checkride was in February, can the final AQC checkride count as an instrument proficiency check; or would I have to return to my last instrument checkride? Once again, I assume the answer is no, but any insight is appreciated.



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If you've completed your 6 instrument approaches, or just completed an instrument APART then yes, you are legal to fly instruments in a civilian helicopter (not airplane).


As far as the Army's concerned, there are no currency requirements beyond your APART, so you may be good to go punch in flying a Blackhawk, but all kinds of illegal in an R-44.


Also, the way to make it apples to apples in case you should have an incident; make a copy of your flight records (7120) and paperclip it in the back of your civilian logbook along with an entry in the ledger. This will cover you for your IPC, BFR if you use it for such.



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