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ave yaser

HelicopterExperts in TX. Anyone knows about it ?

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Hey guys,


I'm new to the flying side of aviation but not to the maintenance side of it as I am a powerplant guy fixing all military helps (AH 64e, S60, Chinook etc)


I'm looking to get my PPL starting in March 2016, I'm going to be in san antonio for to do that but I don't know which to chose from, a school that offers one on one training (Helicopter Experts) or a big school that does fixed-wing as a main flight training as well as heli training called (Alpha Tango flight school), they only do classes not a one on one.


Guys I need help really, even tho I'm in the aviation industry but people around don't know much about flying schools and which is better for a new guy trying to be a pilot. My goal is to work my way up to be a commercial pilot then go on from there, I've saved up all the finance for this and all I need is a good advice.


I appreciate it if you've read so far.




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My best advise is visit several schools and get a feel for staff and machines. Your a mechanic? Look at the machines and it usually will tell you how well the school is managed also.


One on one is always valuable in flight training.

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I know this post is a few months old but if you are trying to find something locally, I would at least give Alamo helicopters a call. They are at Stinson KSSF just south of SA. Their chief flight instructor was my DPE for my private checkride. They seemed to be good people with a potentially good training program.

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