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I got picked up with an Associates degree. If you have the same statistics, experience, APFT, etc. as another applicant, but he has a degree and you don't, they'll surely take him over you.


With that being said, a Warrant recruiter swung by the flight line last week and said selection rates are in the 50/60% range right now. If you're competitive, and have strong recommendations, it may not be a huge factor. When I was selected a little over a year ago, the pick-up rate was about 30%; everyone in my WOCS class had a degree or some college experience.

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Met with the recruiter today. When I took my ASVAB, before the Navy(2006), I scored a 63 total and GT was a 113. The recruiter told me I meet the Req's for th WOFT program and with a 63 overall ASVAB I am in the "Alpha" category. Alpha being 50 or higher, bravo being 49 or less. I told him I wanted to retake the ASVAB to make me more competitive. He recommended that I not do that because most people actually score worse on the retest. Ego aside, I think I would do much better, given my schooling and aviation maintenance background.


So, my question is, Would it be advantageous for me to retest to make me more competitive, or is the GT 113 pretty solid?

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SORB and Strip Mall Recruiters are hit and miss. Half the SORB Warrant Officer recruiters I have met have not been Warrant Officers, but were in fact SOF guys. How WO recruiting is run through SOF recruiting is still a mystery to me. My SORB recruiter was only useful for reviewing my packet to make sure it was administratively correct before I submitted it. Literally everything else I referred to the USAREC website for.


If you want to be a WO, make that page your homepage and visit it daily. Ask questions here. If you do go to a recruiter, ask someone here to verify what they say. Unless you are speaking to a warrant officer, don't blindly trust what a recruiter tells you. Trust, but verify.


Your GT score is fine. Study your butt off for the SIFT, crush your PT Test and gets some good letters. All of those are in your control.


As far as selection percentages, it fluctuates. Don't focus on that. Make your packet great and trust in yourself. Plus, you can reapply every year, and eventually they will get tired of seeing your packet. I know a guy who was boarded 6 times and got picked up.

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