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Prior Service applying for WOFT

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I'm currently active duty Navy, but will be honorably separating this June. My current rate/rank is a gunners mate/E5. I would like to apply for the WOFT in the National guard once I get out. I have spoken to multiple recruiters and have been receiving different answers regarding the entry process. My question would be, do I need to attend Basic Combat Training(BCT) or is there a different route for prior service? Also, is there any recommendations that you might have before I transfer over?


Additional info:

Associates Degree

Actively pursuing Bachelor's degree

MOS: Gunners mate

Completed WOFT documents: SIFT(50), ASVAB(113), Flight Physical(Pass), APFT(300).


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ATTENTION ALL SISTER SERVICE APPLICANTS: Any sister service applicant who has not successfully completed an Army Basic Training, Warrior Transition Course, Marine Basic Training, Air Force or Navy Special Operations Forces, Air Force Tactical Air Control Training or Air Force Security Police Training will be required to attend Army Basic Training prior to attendance to WOCS. A Statement of Understanding (SoU), which is required for all packets, will serve as acknowledgement (from applicant) of the requirement for sister-service applicants to attend Army BCT. Any questions, concerns, or requests for withdrawal of current packet submissions can be addressed to USAREC G3, Board OIC at 502-626-1893.



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